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Topic: Injunction Violation Criminal Defense

An injunction is a protective order filed by one individual against another. Injunctions are often referred to as a protective order, restraining order, or an order of protection. An injunction basically serves three purposes.

  1. To provide protection of one person from the protection or repeat actions of another.
  2. To inform the individual named in the injunction of the stipulations of the protective order outlining the limitations they have regarding the other party or parties.
  3. To provide official documentation of a pattern of history which may be used in a court of law in the event the injunction has been violated.

Because injunctions are often associated with domestic violence or the safety of another, the courts take violations of an injunction very seriously. Law enforcement will typically act swiftly when investigating an accusation of an injunction violation, as the safety of our citizens are the primary objective of law enforcement officers.

In the State of Florida there are four types of injunctions:

An individual may be accused of violating their probation as a result of a Technical Violation or a Substantive Violation.

Injunction of Protection Against Domestic Violence

This type of injunction is a protective order or restraining order in domestic violence situations. Typically the injunction if filed against: 

  • A husband or wife
  • Other blood or by marriage relative
  • Boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Mother or father of shared children

An individual may request an injunction of protection against domestic violation after just one domestic violence action or s single verbal threat of violence.

Petition for Injunction Against Repeat Violence

A Petition for Injunction against Repeat Violence may be requested if two or more acts of domestic violence has been committed, with at least one of the domestic violence acts occurring within the last six months.

Petition for Injunction Against Dating Violence

A Petition for Injunction Against Dating Violence may be requested the two parties have had a significant romantic relationship of an intimate nature within the last six months. An act, threat, or implied perception of a potentially violent nature must exist in this case.

Petition for Injunction Against Sexual Violence

A Petition for Injunction Against Sexual Violence may be requested if you have been the victim of sexual violence, have reported the incident of violence to the police or other law enforcement agency, and agree to cooperate in any criminal proceeding against the abuser.

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